Silverstone Recreational Association (SRA) was formed in 1974 with the purpose of providing a village hall, recreation ground and facilities for the use of villagers. Over the decades it has delivered again and again for the inhabitants of Silverstone and the
surrounding areas.

What is the SRA?

The SRA is responsible for the facilities on Church Street available
to the local community.
There is a committee made up of volunteers who meet monthly to make the decisions on anything and everything to keep the SRA being effective in its goal of providing for the village and surrounding areas.

What does the SRA provide?

The SRA is a place for people to meet, play and celebrate together.
Currently there is a hall, licensed bar and a kitchen, outside a sports field, children’s play area, tennis courts and car park.

Gerald Lovell, one of the founding members from the 70s, says

“The SRA is best thing to happen to Silverstone in my lifetime.

It is an organisation whose sole aim is to help other village organisations grow

and develop to improve the quality of life of every part of our community”.

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