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News from the SRA Annual General Meeting

On Monday 22nd April, the SRA AGM took place. During this meeting, the Chairman, Martyn Nash, named and confirmed those nominated by Community Organisations and Groups of Silverstone which included:-

These people individually confirmed that they have read and agreed to perform their duties as Trustees according to the rules and guidelines set out by the SRA. Four individuals, who had confirmed in writing prior to the meeting that they wish to put themselves forward for nomination as trustees by the Village of Silverstone included Michael Broomhall, June Lee, Sarah Tattersall and Sarah West.

They were presented to the meeting and voted into office by persons attending who were over 18 and a resident of Silverstone.

In a meeting of the Trustees immediately following the AGM, the following individuals were proposed and voted into the following roles by the Trustees.

Martyn Nash – Chairman

Mark Haynes – Vice Chairman

Sarah Tattersall – Treasurer

Michelle Webb – Community Trustee

Colin J Harrison – Secretary

Michael Broomhall – Groundsman & Field Manager


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